Welcome to the Mediterranean where eating and enjoying are part of life itself.


In Kikopark we have gastronomic proposals that go from the haute cuisine of Kiko Port to the simple but tasty pizzas of Kiko’s.

You can have a premium drink on the terrace of our restaurant, a coffee or a breakfast in our pizzeria or a snack in the summer XiriKiko that we set up in front of the campsite.

Oh! And do not forget to ask about the local gastronomy … (link), taste in its purest state!

KIKO PORT Restaurant

Restaurante Kiko Port

Restaurante Kiko Port

Eat the sea in the sea. Savor the cultivated rice a few meters away. Enjoy the flavors of the garden that is right next to you. Taste a nearby and complex market cuisine at the same time. Traditional and modern Authentic and experimental. Respectful with the flavor but innovative in texture and volumes.


All that is Kiko Port. That and the joy of being able to laugh, converse or lose oneself within oneself with the permanent company of the beat of the waves.


All that is Kiko Port. A kitchen that does not cheat in an exceptional location. There is no “pretension” in our kitchen, only “intention”. The intention that you enjoy your moment without turning it into a luxury.

Pizzeria Café KIKO’S

The pizzeria Kiko’s offers a wide assortment of pastas and handmade pizzas,

hamburgers, hot dogs, snacks, soft drinks and liquors.

You can take it on your terrace or take it to your apartment, caravan, plot or the beach itself.

At Kiko’s we open early, so breakfast is not a problem and we close after you’ve eaten … Who gives you more?

Download the menu Pizzería-Café KIKO’S


The XiriKiko opens for vacations.

If you are on the beach of Kikopark and you see a white kiosk in the middle of the sand full of people in a swimsuit enjoying life … it is that you have reached the XiriKiko.

The XiriKiko has its bar and its tables, its chairs and music, its waiters and waitresses, its slushies and their mixes, their soft drinks and their beers … all that and a few loungers that will make your holiday a postcard. You doubt it?