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A place with history

In Oliva the remains of the first Neolithic town of the Peninsula have been found, which shows that this has always been an ideal place to live.


Phoenicians and Greeks passed through here who called her Aureba. Then came the Romans who, from here controlled the passage of troops and goods traveling on the road linking Denia with Xativa.


The Arabs left a castle and the first Christians turned it into one of the most important counties of the Kingdom of Valencia, leaving here the oldest Romanesque carving in the Valencian Community, the Mare de Déu del Rebollet.


In the 18th century it was the birthplace of some of the leading men of the Enlightenment, such as Gregori Mayans or Gabriel Ciscar. No wonder the old Casa Mayans is a sub-site of the MUVIM the Valencian Museum of Enlightenment and Modernity.


The result of all this is a historic center to get lost, with streets that seem to have stopped in time, viewpoints on the blue domes of churches, museums … and the sea, always on the horizon.

Beyond the story

The old town of Oliva is not only a place to get lost. In its streets you can find a variety of shops and some of the most prestigious boutiques in this part of the Valencian coast. This is the website of the trader’s association of Oliva ACCO.

… And on Fridays market!

Every Friday, from the very first hour of the morning, a market full of sensations is celebrated. Colors, smells, tastes … an experience for the senses that if it is in Oliva should not be lost. Seasonal products, salted fish, fruits, vegetables, pickles, cheeses, hams, flowers, nuts … and everything you can imagine.


We leave the link to the website of the municipaly of municipaly of Oliva for more information.


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